Richard Hill

Experienced Florida Physician Dr. Richard Hill

A member of the Florida Medical Association, Dr. Richard Hill has focused his career on the clinical fields of mens health, preventive medicine, and infectious diseases. While reviewing and sharing the latest technological platforms and diagnostic services in these fields, he has remained committed to providing high-quality customer service, a commitment that not only encompasses the customer experience, but also entails the overriding mission of improved patient outcomes. Although his immediate career goals as medical director of Lab Doctor involve developing the next wave of innovations for diagnostics, Dr. Richard Hill maintains a long-term objective of elevating global health in areas such as COVID testing and treatment as well as substance abuse.

Dr. Hill trained as a physician’s assistant while studying as an undergraduate at the University of Florida in Gainesville. After earning his bachelor of science with honors in 1985, he continued his education as an Osteopathic Physician at Southeastern University in Miami.. He completed his osteopathic physician studies, again with honors, in 1992. Away from work, he enjoys staying physically active through kickboxing, boxing, and various mixed martial arts programs. He has worked as a Ring-Side physician for almost 30 years and is dedicated to improving the safety of all combative sports.

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Dr. Richard Hill
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA